What happens to my data?

Hogan Assessment Systems and Kaiser Leadership Solutions/Performance Programs, Inc. (LVI) take great care to ensure that you, as a candidate, have safe and reliable access to the online platform. You will get your login-id directly from Metaberatung in order to ensure that personal data cannot be accessed by third parties during processing.

While you are completing the questionnaires, your details are transmitted to a secure data centre in the USA via an SSL encoded connection (128-bit). Your responses are assessed mechanically using predetermined assessment algorithms. At no time do any third parties have access to your responses; they are used solely for making statistical statements in comparison with other individuals.

Hogan reports are created automatically in seconds and sent to an email address provided by the client, or printed and sent through the post. Test data is stored for test purposes, anonymously and securely in the data centre in such a way that no reference can be created to the candidate at any time. Metaberatung will send you an email with your own results prior to the individual feedback session on the telephone. Only you and your feedback consultant will get the results. Your results are treated strictly confidentially and are not shared with anyone within and outside of Burda.

You can find out more at Safeharbor. Please go to Safeharbor-Hogan for the most current EU Save Harbor Certificate of Hogan Assessment Systems. Security support is provided by DESA (Digital Enterprise Security Associates).