Dear colleagues!

The media industry is currently undergoing a highly challenging transformation process on a world-wide level. As already discussed on ocassion of our strategy conference in Hamburg, it is therefore more important than ever that we all contribute to the success of Burda. This is the only way we can get more efficient, innovative and grow faster. The issue of leadership skills hereby plays an elementary role.

It is essential to us to support you in the best possible way here. In Hamburg we already presented HoganLEAD to you. This tool gives you a clear understanding of your own efficiency and helps you to develop the strategic self-awareness that is vital in shaping a good leadership style.

Objective of the HoganLEAD analysis is to extend your behavioural repertoire as executive and help you use it even more purposefully.

Our company is well positioned – we just need to get better and more consistent. In the name of the executive board I would therefore like to encourage you to use HoganLEAD.

tl_files/myassessment/Burda/Kallen.jpgPaul-Bernhard Kallen


We are delighted that you are interested in the HoganLEAD offer for executives!

HoganLEAD is a personality assessment specifically designed for executives that establishes a clear understanding of their own performance, potential, risks and values. HoganLEAD provides a great deal of strategic self-awareness which is critical for a good leadership style. On the following pages we will illustrate the background, individual benefits and the process for participating in HoganLEAD.

Christopher Rosenthal, consultant at Metaberatung, will be happy to schedule the feedback session with you.

tl_files/metaberatung/berater/crosenthal.jpgPhone:  +49 211 4155 95934
Email: christopher.rosenthal@metaberatung.de


Should you have any further questions about the project, please contact Christiane Storz, Head of Strategic Human Resources Development:

tl_files/myassessment/Burda/Storz.jpgPhone: +49 89 9250 3755
Email: Christiane.Storz@burda.com