My participation

How do I register?

To start your questionnaire please click here. Your personal id and password will be emailed to you by Metaberatung GmbH.

Is there anything I should bear in mind while answering the questionnaires?

Completing the questionnaires is very simple. The questions are easy to understand and can only be answered with Yes, No or Maybe. Follow your gut feeling – don’t spend a long time thinking about the answers. Each questionnaire (three in all – HPI, HDS, MVPI) will take approx. 15-20 minutes to complete.

How will I get feedback?

After completing the questionnaires you will be contacted by an employee of Metaberatung to arrange an appointment for a telephone feedback session with a senior consultant. One working day before the call, the results of the Hogan Reports will be emailed to you. This will give you enough time to print the results - reading them isn’t necessary before the call. During your feedback session, the consultant will explain the results and show you how to work with them. Your personal results are treated confidentially and will only be seen by your consultant and yourself. Your personal results will not be shown to any employees of Burda. 

How much will the participation cost?

The fee for the participation is €1200 including a telephone feedback session with a senior Hogan Lead consultant. After successful participation your cost centre will be charged via internal service accounting.